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womenlovers's Journal

Women Lovers
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Women-we love them, cherish them, cuddle them, lean on them, kiss them, snuggle with them, have intellectual talks with them, and we are women who love women!

Women are beautiful, special, and unique, every single one of them-and most of all, they're sexy.


Many of the rules that are used here are:

1) No gay bashing. We're all friends here, even if you're a guy (and sure as not, we'll welcome you anyway)

2) Please don't hesitate to ask me anything at sephirothg123 if you have any questions.

3) We appreciate anyone. Every woman is beautiful and special in their own way, and shouldn't be told that they're not.

4) No harassing each other, please? This community is for people who can be mature with each other. This community cannot be used to make people feel bad, or a venue for people to stalk others (negatively, of course ^.~).

5) Even if you're not definitely lesbian, you're welcome. I know some people are going to be like "why did you call it a lesbian community, then"? But everyone's sexuality is governed by their own heart, and whether it changes or not, or walks both sides of the street, is completely up to fate. Questioning females, bisexuals, and curious are welcome.


Now, if you're ready to abide by these rules, please join! *^^*