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Women are...

you're imagining this11:05 PM 12/12/07 · I was inspired to do this list, for no particular reason, this past Tuesday around 4pm.

To those men, of ye olde school, that hold women are meant to be seen but not heard I say they should buy better earplugs.
  • Women are meant to be seen, heard, hugged, and nibbled muchly.

  • Women are mildly annoying in that they live longer than the men of the species.

  • Women are technically just lumpy men when you think about it.

  • Women are not as tall as men usually.

  • Women are always thinking they're fat when they're really thin.

  • Women are the last one's to be ready to go anywhere.

  • Women are one of my favorite food groups.

  • Women are smelly but rarely in a bad way.

  • Women are better than pillows and not just because you don't need to fluff them.

  • Women are probably the only reason men bathe.

  • Women are prone to make funny sounds when stimulated.

  • Women are high in fibre.

  • Women are almost better than chocolate.

  • Women are worth the effort.

  • Women are where men come from.

  • Women are biodegradable.

  • Women are the source of the male obsession with boobage!

  • Women are more fun when they're less sane.

  • Women are extraordinarily critical of themselves.

  • Women are only truly beautiful when they first wake up in the morning...everything else is a performance.

  • Women are equally as useless as men...they're just prettier.

  • Women are beautiful...even the ugly ones.

  • Women are squishy.
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