oh to run a marathon... (stella983) wrote in womenlovers,
oh to run a marathon...


well it's wednesday and the weekend can't come soon enough. actually, my holidays can't come soon enough (sept 1-10). wish i was going somewhere exciting, but other than training for my big run next year, and a possible visit to my sis' in the mountains, i am staying close to home. home is edmonton, alberta, canada.

i found this community quite by accident and it seemed interesting. so here i am, blogging. a quick synopsis of me: runner (training for a marathon), renovating my house, part time university student, definitely over 30! but under 40!, love baking - especially with candles and wine, have two dogs, and am pining for the one i will not have! sound familiar to anyone? the 'pining for the one you will not have' part?

anyone know anything about houston? i'm going there for a business trip in january. good gay scene?
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